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I had a dream the other night --

All things, a place.
All creatures, reason.

Found this, I; and never forgotten.

What long, strange trip it's been for Nightmare; from a half-mad ill-made copy of Zero, to quirky gearhead and computer tech for a small branch of Hunters in a cozy little microuniverse known as Reality Vanish.

Unlike the quite mad fragments of Zero's persona that are still buried deep down in Nightmare's psyche, the "pink cat" is amiable -- and has, over his few years, developed a devious and rather wry sense of humour. He's also possessed of singularly tortured syntax, but he manages. It gets easier to understand him with practice ;3

Despite his fluffiness, he's still a technological predator and a soul-eater at that; the first is dealt with through certain close companions, the second via very advanced Mettools. There's no missing the purpose of those sharp, sharp teeth ... Nightmare uses the Virus he's named for to hunt, and individuals or technology capable of detecting the Nightmare Virus will pick it up in his systems with no trouble.

Nightmare's original realityvanish bio, which goes into more detail about his origin -- and initial mental state -- can be found here.

As no doubt (semi-)obvious by this point, this is a roleplay journal for an AU of the Zero Nightmare from Rockman X6.
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